The Bonsai Show Live will bring together over 100 of the best bonsai trees within the UK for exhibit to the public. As such, the Show will be the biggest event to take place in the UK.

We welcome entry submissions for trees using the entry form on this page, alternatively send all details on an email to All submissions must be in by 31st July 2022 and will be judged by a panel of experienced and trusted UK bonsai artists.

Guidelines for tree submissions are:

Coniferous trees

  • Any coniferous species including Pine, Juniper, Yew, Larch, Gingko etc.

Deciduous Trees

  • Any deciduous species including Prunus, Acer, Elm, Oak etc.

Shohin Trees

  • The tree can be either coniferous or deciduous and must be no taller than 20cm or 8″ above the rim of the pot . This could include mame sized trees.

Overall Guidelines

  • The tree or plant could be displayed with or without a stand but it should be included in the image if you intend to use one.


The exhibition trees will be judged by the attending international bonsai professionals as outlined below and undertaken anonymously. 

  • Best Coniferous Tree – Rafael Torres, Tomaž Kovšca, Nacho Salar
  • Best Deciduous Tree – Rafael Torres, Tomaž Kovšca, Nacho Salar
  • Best Shohin Tree – Morten Albek
  • Best in Show – Morten Albek, Rafael Torres, Tomaž Kovšca, Nacho Salar

Results will be available by 15:00 on Saturday 1st October 2022.

Tree Feedback

In a break from the usual, we will be providing the tree owner with a short feedback from the judges if this is requested. This will help to identify improvement areas to take your tree forward for the next exhibition.

Award Prizes

Each winner will receive a trophy along with an award of £150 for each category winner, along with an award of £250 for the best in show.

Tree Submission Form

Overall height including the stand, if one is being used.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
We will require an individual tree image and an overall composition image, to include stand, scroll and accent plantings if they are being used.