Bonsai Artists 2022

Morten Albek The Bonsai Show Live 2022

Morten Albek has been involved with bonsai for more than 30 years and has published two shohin specific books. His popular YouTube channel is filmed at his nursery Kisetsu-en in Denmark, where he also offers online student memberships.


Morten Albek

Rafael Torres The Bonsai Show Live 2022

Rafael Torres is a Spanish bonsai professional specialising in native European trees such as Olive, Pines and Juniper Sabina. He currently owns and runs Bonsaisense, a bonsai nursery located in Majorca, Spain along with an international bonsai school created with Bjorn Bjorholm.


Rafael Torres

Tomaž Kovšca The Bonsai Show Live 2022

Tomaž has travelled extensively throughout Japan, China and Europe, he has worked with many bonsai masters to hone is skills. Tomaž now owns TORA international bonsai school in Slovenia and has a large following on Youtube.


Tomaž Kovšca

Nacho Salar The Bonsai Show Live 2022

Nacho Salar is a professional Bonsai artist from the south of Spain, where he runs his nursery, Bonsainara. Nacho has over 25 years of experience having studied in Japan under the guidance of Nobuichi Urushibata.


Nacho Salar

Harry Harrington The Bonsai Show Live 2022

Harry has worked as a Bonsai artist and writer since 2000 and teaches and runs workshops in the area around London. He owns and runs the successful website as well as undertaking commissioned styling work on client’s trees.


Harry Harrington

Peter Warren The Bonsai Show Live 2022

Peter completed a traditional six-year apprenticeship in Japan under Mr. Kunio Kobayashi at his world famous nursery in Tokyo. Since then Peter has taught bonsai and worked with bonsai collectors to exhibit trees across Europe and USA, and owns Saruyama Bonsai in the UK.


Peter Warren

Tony Tickle The Bonsai Show Live 2022

Tony demonstrates at major conferences throughout the UK and Europe and across the world, including: South Africa, China, Brazil, India and the USA.  In 2017 Tony won“Best Deciduous Bonsai” at the prestigious Noelanders Trophy in Belgium.


Tony Tickle

John Armitage The Bonsai Show Live 2022

John has been involved in bonsai since the late eighties and has studied under Dan Barton, Marco Invernizzi and later Nobuichi Urushibata, in Japan. John’s own collection of shohin bonsai have won many accolades nationally and internationally, including at the Gafu Ten.


John Armitage

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