The Bonsai Show Live sets out to promote the art of bonsai and to make it accessible to all.

Organised and sponsored by Beechfield Bonsai and Oceana Bonsai Feed, both have the same all inclusive attitude towards bonsai and the bonsai community.

The Bonsai Show Live is a vehicle for making this philosophy reality.

The Bonai Show Live Sponsors

Oceana Bonsai is a UK producer of specialist bonsai fertiliser.

From a passion of horticulture and the love of Bonsai into what we feel is the best feed on the market.

”Our passion is to help you succeed in your passion”

Coming from a background within the hydroponic nutrient industry we have a deep understanding of what and how a plant reacts to certain feeds and this was the foundation we built Oceana Bonsai Feed on.

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What started out as a first step in bonsai some 30+ years ago has developed into our bonsai nursery which offers outdoor bonsai trees, ceramic and plastic bonsai pots, a range of bonsai tools and other related items.

We currently occupy a six-acre site in Shropshire which is gradually being transformed into a bonsai and garden nursery.

We aim not only to sell Bonsai, but also to provide facilities to help develop the bonsai and local communities.

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